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"We are all fortunate to be members of this high-performance community, consumers and vendors alike. The consumers enjoy their cars and modified engines, expensive as they may be, and the vendors make a living. Some individuals have it both ways. They own and operate a business that also is a productive hobby. And Tom goes even further. He actually owns a modified Z06 Corvette…now that’s a situation of the chef eating his own cooking. Seriously, the PNW is fortunate to have Tom because in addition to being a Corvette specialist, Tom knows his way around all GM vehicles. I’m almost 3 hours from Tom’s shop, but I’ve made the trip on numerous occasions. Why? Because Tom treats his customers’ cars as if they were his own car. That’s important…we are so finicky with our cars…and we trust Tom with his skills and knowledge. I’ve done business with Tom a few years. He did a great H/C upgrade on my C6 Coupe and an engine swap and tranny swap on my C6 Vert. Details and pics are available on Corvette Forum."
— Ray, aka peelrubber on Corvette Forum

“Tom Wong is a “Master Mechanic” and owner of Wong’s Performance Engineering is second to none when it comes to Corvette experience, service, professionalism and honesty. If it “ain’t” broken, Tommy won’t fix it. His reputation precedes him and his philosophy of customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of his business. As long as I am a Corvette owner, I will only trust Tommy with servicing and maintaining my Corvette. I highly recommend him.”
— Frederick Warren

“If you are one of many people, like I was, who had almost lost confidence in being able to find an honest professional person to work on your vehicle, Tom Wong will restore your confidence. Tom, without rushing you, takes his time to make you feel at ease with his willingness & enthusiasm, you can really tell this man sincerely enjoys his work, “the lucky guy”, to express his expertise & knowledge in order to help guide you to make clear decisions on what work you want done to your vehicle, especially if you are a novice about engines & their modern technology like I am.”
— John Thomas Anderson

“Amy and I have had Tom work on both of our C6 Corvettes. We told Tom what performance we desired out of our daily driver. Tom made suggestions of a header, cam and head package that delivered much more than we expected. After the installation and tune was complete, the car had an additional 100 HP!!! This is even more astounding since this car is an automatic, but still idles smoothly. Tom also continues to be instrumental with the development of our race car including helping to resolve difficult electrical issues, and making specific mechanical improvements and recommendations necessary for a race car to perform optimally and consistently. I would highly recommend Tom to anyone needing anything from a tune to major engine overhaul. Tom is honest, conscientious, and meticulous. We are proud to have Tom’s name on our race car, and fortunate to have him as a friend.”
— Todd & Amy Bradish

“Safe place for women with car or truck problems: Girls if you ever have a problem with your car or truck go here. This place is honest, the owner is from the old school and he really cares and I recommend him to everyone. He fixed my Jeep, he advised me about my 85 corvette, and he literally found me a beautiful Vette, when my other one got totaled. Go and ask for Tom. He is the best ever!!!”
— Patresh

”Tom works on my car like it’s his own. Every detail is covered. Details that I didn’t even know to look for are being corrected. IMHO Tom Wong is THE guy when it comes to Corvettes, period. I won’t take my car anywhere else for anything other than normal service. Any upgrades - Tom, you’re my guy!"
— Jeff (YNOT2K @ the Corvette Forum)

”Last october, after a 40 year wait, I was finally able to get back into another Corvette! It's a used car, but with very lo miles and vitually new. I had one issue to deal with that, while minor, bugged the heck out me and correcting it was a little more than I was capable of. I'm super paranoid about who touches any of my cars and especially this car, as I've been burned on many repairs to other cars, by "experts" who weren't. I was almost to the point of just living with the problem, rather than have somebody just make the problem worse. But after seeing Tom's name pop up several times on the forum, with high reviews, I thought I'd take a chance. I drove the three hours and 175 miles to get there and after talking to him, I gave him the job. All I can say is "WOW". Talk about a true professional, who knows his stuff and walks-the-walk. I couldn't be happier. And I can't say enough about how well I was treated, the job quality and fair price. I had a big old grin on my face all the way home. FINALLY, I found the Technician of my dreams! And you can bet your sweet bibby...I'll never go anywhere else! So...a big, double thumbs up to Tom and, to anybody even remotely within driving distance of his shop, you're an idiot if you go anywhere else!"
— Paul Sherman

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